2011 Hottest Long Hairstyles for Prom Party

prom 2011 ponytail hairstyles
With prom being right around the corner for various schools across the state, many girls are starting to think about which dress would be the perfect dress to wear on that special day. Not only do they have the perfect dress to think about, but they also have to wonder what hair style would be great to wear with the dress. The traditional way to style hair for the prom would be an up-do, but why not be daring and a bit more feminine by wearing your hair nice and long?
Ponytail Style
A ponytail might actually be the last style for most girls to choose to wear on prom night. But why not wear a ponytail? Since it’s probably the least desired style it still might look good on you and you’ll stand out in the crowed of girls wearing updos. A side ponytail would look rather dazzling and stylish with the perfect dress.

prom 2011 long curls with bangs hairstyles
Curls and Bangs
Curls and bangs are a great style for the prom on the right person. They are ideal for someone that has a long narrow face; it will bring pure elegance and beauty to your natural features.
prom 2011 long curls hairstyles
Curls will never go out of style and it is the most popular long style to wear at a prom. Curls give a girl a whole new look of elegance and femininity.
prom 2011 braided hairstyle
Long Braids
Braids are definitely in and for girls that know about what is hot for the season, you will see them wearing braids. A nice single braid going around to one side of your head would look nice on long straight hair, or hair that is wavy.
prom 2011 long straight cut hairstyles
Long and Straight
For an easy and casual look you can go with long straight hair. It is pretty much versatile with any dress that you want to wear to the prom unless the dress has a beautiful strap design; you wouldn’t want that hidden from admirers!

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