James Goldstein @ Mercedes-Benz Russia Fashion Week

The thing about fashion week is that you see the same faces over and over again.
That hasn’t happened during Mercedes-Benz Russia Fashion Week, but I came across a very familiar face today.
He’s commonly known as, “That guy in the front row”, but his name is James Goldstein.
Mr Goldstein was decked out in a Versace sequined black and white jacket today, with his trademark leather cowboy hat, black pants and a black top with a scarf tied around his neck.
I had a brief chat with him after seeing him at Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Paris and Milan, I was curious to find out what he loved about Russia.
“I love the Moscow; the people treat me really well. I have a great time whenever I come here, so I decided that I might as well come during fashion week and enjoy that at the same time as I enjoy Moscow”.
This is not his first time attending Mercedes-Benz Russia Fashion Week. He said, “I’ve been coming to these Fashion Weeks twice a year for about 5 years”.
“I love the creativity of fashion, I love to be fashionable myself and I just can always enjoy watching fashion shows anywhere in the world. The more I go to, the more I love fashion”.
I asked him about his Balmain Spring 2011 red leather embellished jacket which he wore front row at the Balmain Fall 2011 presentation during Paris Fashion Week.
He shared, “I just got that jacket a few weeks ago when I was in Paris, it a spectacular jacket and it’s my favourite piece of the current season”.
“Some of my regular designers over the past few years – Cavalli, Galliano, Gucci, they didn’t come up with much this season of interest to me, so I have to rely on some other designers.”

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