D&G Summer 2011 Shoes Collection

DG spring summer 2011 shoe collection
If you are a fan of D&G fashion then you might have already checked out their latest fashion clothing designs for the season. The question is, have you checked out the latest fashion and style for D&G shoes? They totally match the floral patterns of some of the clothing that you have probably seen online or in magazine articles. The shoes for D&G’s Spring and Summer collection are simply flirty, classy, and irresistible. You’ll certainly like what you see, and must buy a pair or two to truly appreciate them!

The shoes fashion for the season is inspired by a 70’s style. Everyone is sporting the wedge heel style, and whether you prefer the covered-toe style or the peep-toe wedge, you’ll find that there are various styles and patterns for them with the D&G collection for this year. As mentioned before, the patterns are floral, and you will also find some pastel colors in the mix such as purple, light blue and light green. Perfect, and just in time for Easter! You would definitely get tons of compliments wearing these hot shoes. There is simply none other like them!
While it is true that the shoes that you wear should always be appealing to the eye, there is no lacking there, but it is also important that the shoes you wear are comfortable as well. Yes—these shoes would definitely catch someone’s eye, but they are comfortable as well. Comfort is important because no one wants to wear a shoe that is not comfortable; especially for those Summer walks on the beach or other events that take place during the warm climate days of the year. The colors in the shoes are sure to stand out, and the woven matching pattern color laced throughout the wedge part of the heel is sure to turn heads as well. People will be asking you where you got your shoes from. You’ll be so flattered and impressed!
Have you ever worn boots during the Summer? Boots are for the winter season—not this season! D&G has even added some nice and trendy boots to this style for the season. They are boots that look a lot like rain boots with a wedge cork material heel. You simply have to see them for yourself to appreciate them. They stand out and are very versatile.
DG blue shoes 2011
DG summer red shoes 2011
DG shoes 2011
DG summer 2011 shoes
DG shoes summer 2011
DG red 2011 shoes
DG spring shoes 2011 collection
DG spring 2011 shoes

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